What is MOT?

If the age of your vehicle is 3 years or more, it is essential that you have an MOT, which is required by UK law. The Ministry of transport test, more commonly known as MOT test, requires you to carry out an annual safety check to certify that your vehicle complies with the minimum safety standards and levels of exhaust emissions outlined by DVSA. Throughout the MOT test, your chosen tester an individual accredited by the DVSA to evaluate you vehicle to carry out a range of checks around your vehicle, including the interior, exterior, under the bonnet and under you vehicle itself. The MOT test certifies whether your vehicle is in roadworthy condition or not.

The outcome of each check is recorded – if your vehicle passes, the driver will be issued a VT20 pass certificate. If you vehicle should fail to meet the legal requirements of the MOT test, you will be issued a VT30 Failure document. The outcome of the test will be determined by your vehicles condition on the day of your MOT test.

Your chosen tester will detail and inform you of any advisory items to look out for, which have either passed or are the reasons for the failure of the test.

What MOT test are available to you?

There are three different versions of MOT Tests that we offer. First is a class 4 MOT Test, which is your normal everyday vehicle, which includes hatchbacks, sports, saloon, 4×4, smart, MPV, Mini Buses and estate vehicles. A class 5 MOT is your private vehicles and ambulances with 13 to 16 passenger seats.

Class 7 MOT Test is for your large Goods vehicles over 3,000kg.Each version of the MOT Test certificate is tailored towards a type of vehicle and it is highly necessary that you certify your vehicle for the correct one.

When does my car need MOT ?

Any vehicle 3 years old is needed to have a Valid MOT test Certificate, which is renewed on an annual basis. You are obliged by law to ensure your vehicle is inspected every 12 months. You can find the expiry date of your MOT on your current MOT test certificate. The duration of you MOT Certificate is valid for 12 months from the day it was issued, and you are able to have your car inspected 28 days in advance from the expiry date.

Without a valid MOT certificate, you are not legally allowed to drive your vehicle or renew your vehicle Tax.

What document do i need to bring with me

The only item we require to complete your test is your vehicle itself; our certified DVSA inspectors are able to look up your vehicle information on DVSA system.

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